Should I be marketing my business during lockdown?

Lockdown has caused businesses numerous problems, especially those without an online presence. It has also raised many difficult questions that need to be answered.

Should I shut completely and furlough staff? Should I keep going at full capacity? What help is there for businesses during this new lockdown?

One question we have been asked is – “should I be marketing my business during lockdown? Or will I be better off saving my money for when we reopen?”

Obviously we would say, “Of course you should continue your marketing efforts throughout the lockdown!” – it could mean more business for us, right?

At Rosie Reynolds Marketing, we work a bit differently – of course we want more business, just as you do. We want to continue to grow, just as you want to grow your business too. But the main reason we do what we do is because we are passionate about helping our clients. We love watching companies grow, increasing their revenue and moving their brand to the next level thanks, in part, to the effort we put into their marketing.

We are working very hard for our current clients, utilising our team’s expertise to put them in the best possible position for when lockdown comes to an end.

The truth of the matter is, if you are not getting your brand and business in front of existing and potential customers but your competitors are, you could end up reopening to find that your customers have gone elsewhere.

During the first lockdown, some businesses felt there was little point marketing themselves whilst they were shut. Nobody could buy their products or services, so why spend their reserves when they may need them later on?

Many of those businesses reopened during the summer when the rules began to ease and, when sales did not pick up as expected, they contacted customers to ask why they hadn’t been in.

Many customers said that lockdown gave them an opportunity to shop around and research where to get the best value for their money. Some said that the continuous online marketing from a competing service attracted their attention.

Others said that it merely hadn’t occurred to them to revisit, deciding to take their business to the first place they thought of (i.e. the company continuously marketing throughout lockdown).

This was the case for many businesses after the first lockdown and many had to close their doors for good because they could not recuperate their losses after they reopened.

The Coronavirus pandemic has not only proven the efficacy of a strong marketing campaign during national lockdowns, but it has also accelerated the shift in the way people are shopping that has been happening for years. People are taking more time to research their purchases and spending more time online.

The businesses most likely to grow after this pandemic are those that have invested in a solid marketing strategy, implementing a strong online brand presence that is not only attractive to their target market, but engaging too.

The question you need to ask yourself isn’t “Should I be marketing my business during lockdown?” but, instead, “How should I be marketing my business during lockdown?”

If you require any help at all to answer that question or would like a free consultation to discuss your marketing needs and how Rosie Reynolds Marketing can help you, get in touch – we’d love to hear from you.

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