What is a Google Partner and what does that mean for our clients?

We are very proud to announce that Rosie Reynolds Marketing are now a Google Partner! 

By becoming a Google Partner, RRM have proven our knowledge and credentials through our impressive track record of revenue growth using Google Ads, our experience using the Google Ads platform, and through rigorous assessment by Google themselves. 

Becoming a Google Partner highlights our expertise in the Google-centric marketing disciplines, such as creating impactful, well-optimised and effective PPC campaigns, AdWords, and SEO, maximising our clients’ ROI with us. 

It also gives us early access to new features from Google that are available to Google Partners up to a year in advance of general release – a great benefit for many of our clients!  

When you work with a Google Partner like RRM, you’re working with a marketing agency that Google itself has put their trust in – the biggest online advertising platform on the planet! 

How do you become a Google Partner? 

It is quite a simple process to join the Google Partner program and become a member, but to become a fully-fledged Google Partner and earn the right to use the Google Partner badge, marketing, digital and advertising professionals need to meet certain Partner requirements. 

These requirements are designed so that only Google Partners who have proven their ability to maximise their clients’ performance and digital growth through Google platforms, such as Google Ads, are eligible to display the Google Partners badge. 

To do this, you need to show your expertise and capabilities in three areas: 

Performance – Google Partners must maintain an optimisation score of at least 70% on their Google Partners manager account to prove their ability to maximise campaign success for their clients. 

Spend – Google Partners must maintain a minimum £7,000 spend over 90 days across their managed Google Ads accounts with a minimum of 12 months total ad spend activity; showcasing their ability to help clients identify growth opportunities and sustain success with Google Ads. 

Certifications – Google Partners must prove their expertise on Google Ads products and solutions by ensuring account strategists in the company are fully certified by Google through their rigorous certification scheme, Skillshop. 

As you can see, it isn’t as straightforward and easy to become a Google Partner as it is with some other schemes. It takes time, dedication and expertise to become fully certified and earn that Google Partner badge of honour. 

What are the benefits of working with a Google Partner like Rosie Reynolds Marketing? 

As we’ve stated previously, when working with Rosie Reynolds Marketing, you are working with a digital marketing agency that has been given the seal of approval, and trust, by the biggest platform in online and digital advertising. There really is no one bigger than Google at this moment in time, so that Google Partners badge is a pretty big deal! 

Google is synonymous with digital advertising, PPC, AdWords and the algorithms that rule them all. When Google makes a change to their algorithms or their various platforms, digital marketers around the world stop and pay attention. 

As a client of RRM, you can partner with us, safe in the knowledge that you have a team of digital marketing experts working for you and your brand that have proven themselves to the biggest player in the world in digital advertising.  

The Google Partners badge is proof that we have a track record of creating high-quality, high-performing AdWords and PPC campaigns that reach our clients’ target audience where they are most likely to interact with them. 

Not only that, but to keep our Google Partners badge, we need to demonstrate a commitment to continuously improve our ability to manage our clients’ campaigns effectively. As with the endless improvements Google make to their search engine and how they reward companies who keep up to date and adjust their SEO efforts accordingly, Google also want companies that use Google Ads to stay up to date with best practices in PPC and AdWords.  

Google Partners are expected to stay abreast of any changes and updates to the platforms and digital advertising trends, including effective use of keyword research and implementation, split testing or A/B testing of ads, and experimentation with audience targeting, such as varying demographics. This is especially critical in the current landscape of user data management and the introduction of recent iOS updates by Apple.  

Also as discussed earlier, being a Google Partner gives Rosie Reynolds Marketing early access to beta features that Google roll out occasionally. This early access can come up to a year before Google releases the features for use by the general public. This means that our clients directly benefit from our Google Partner status and can take advantage of these new Google features before any of their competitors have even had a glimpse of them, let alone access to them. 

The Google Partner badge is, essentially, a seal of approval from Google itself! 

It is a stamp of quality, much like a Trusted Trader or Best Buy badge from Which?, and means that Rosie Reynolds Marketing are endorsed by Google, promising that we’ve earned Google’s trust and provide high-quality, effective advertising campaigns for our clients. 

If you’re looking for a digital advertising partner to boost your sales and improve the growth of your business, get in touch with us on 01453 798555, email contact@r-reynolds.com or book a call

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