Your Team

Reduce risk & increase output

The team at Mapped Marketing possess a wealth of experience and expertise, we ensure you receive a tailored, bespoke service designed to maximise your ROI.

If you are still looking for a team that will not only manage your marketing, but also come up with creative new ways to capture your audience’s imagination, converting visitors to customers and customers to fans, then we are the team for you.

Rosie Reynolds


With over 10 years of marketing experience, Rosie first started Mapped Marketing on her own. In less than 2 years she has developed Mapped Marketing into an SMB with an entire team of marketing experts and specialists, with herself as lead strategist. She has a big heart and truly cares about her clients and staff – checking in on the team regularly to ensure they’re happy and maintaining a good work/life balance. Always positive and never one to be brought down by anything, she starts each meeting with a huge smile and a happy thought!

Ben Reynolds


Husband to Rosie, Ben jumped at the chance to flex his creative muscles as a Copywriter at Mapped Marketing. He also utilises his decades of experience in IT behind the scenes as a Director of the company. With dreams of being a writer from a young age, he started wordsmithing his way through clients’ copy, establishing a strong and suitable tone of voice. With the ability to write copy that sells, engages, entertains, and even copy that excites, Ben has a broad range of capabilities and brings some brilliantly creative ideas to the table. It helps that he’s pretty darn likeable too!

Bunnie Roriston

Operations Manager

A beautiful soul, Bunnie is one of the lovely ladies you’ll speak to regularly at Mapped Marketing once you’re a client of ours. She’s been working in customer services for most of her career – you’ll love her, she is amazing. As Operations Manager, she ensures our clients get the high-quality output expected of Mapped Marketing. Born in Scotland in a time when only royalty owned a TV, Bunnie once danced and sang in front of the Queen wearing a crepe paper tutu! She’s toured Europe in the boot of a Volvo, has an electrical qualification and grew up around racetracks. She is also a total rock chick– her and her children are always dancing around the kitchen.

Rebecca Price

Head of Business Development

Rebecca is an indispensable member of the Mapped Marketing team, with over 20 years’ experience in customer facing retail and management roles. She’s helped develop all types of businesses in her career so far, from companies with a team of 2-3 up to those with multi-million-pound sales. Her recent experience lies firmly within the financial services sector where she supported financial advisors and professional connections across the UK with mainstream and, more specifically, specialist investment products. Rebecca is a huge advocate for understanding a business and the problems they face to provide the level of service they need to grow, which is why she’s done so well and why our clients love her.

Kelly Robinson

Head of Communications

Kelly has been working in marketing communications for over 16 years! She is able to create and edit publications for online and print, create event marketing, PR, digital and communications strategies, the list goes on. She has even worked on an award-winning national campaign! As if that wasn’t enough tricks for one person, Kelly also plays netball, grows her own fruit and veg and loves riding her horse, Bear. She loves eating food, buying food and talking about food too – she even won an award – ‘Champion Grazer’! Oh, and she’s really nice, too!

Ben Gaytten


With almost 2 decades of writing experience under his belt and a personality that would make Ebenezer Scrooge smile, Rosie just had to have Ben on her team at Mapped Marketing. A terrible multi-tasker – seriously, try talking to him while he’s attempting to do something else! - he likes to just get his head down and focus on copy for our clients. Ben enjoys surfing, reading, writing, learning, filmmaking, attempting to keep fit, and is also a practitioner of Krav Maga. With his relentless sense of humour (always finding a way to add a little humour into the discussion – warranted or not) and Viking good looks, Ben is a well-loved, and well-tolerated, member of the team.